LFC History: made not bought

History made n ot bought James Cutler

This flag was on show on Wembley Way at the League Cup Final on Saturday (Feb 28, 2016). I believe it was originally made in 2007 (?) in response to other clubs (notably Chelsea) that have cheap plastic flags provided by the club rather than any tradition of making their own.

The guy in the photo is a fan having his picture taken with the flag. This is another interesting feature of them, that people signal their identification with the sentiment by having their photos taken with them.

It fits in with the larger tradition amongsT LFC banner makers to resist marketisation of the fan base and the club more generally as with this banner, one of my all time favourites:

Money can't but me, luv.png

I think this one was made at the time Chelsea were sniffing round Steven Gerrard again. What impresses me, apart from the apposite Beatles lyric and the 5 cups left to make their own statement, is the use of the comma. Such attention to detail! And, of course, the assertion of a Scouse identity through the spelling of ‘luv’. So, on  all levels – multimodal, intertextual, linguistic, orthographic – just a brilliant banner. Would love to know who made it.

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