I’m an applied linguist working at The Open University in the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics. One of my research interests is in the creative use of language and other modes of communication by football fans’ in their banners, particularly fans of Liverpool Football Club, the team I support and the city I come from. I think these banners are really interesting for what they demonstrate about the everyday creativity of a group of people often ignored by applied linguistics (football fans), for what they say about how people express and project a particular identity as part of a community, and because they are often just really witty and funny. I’m a great believer that research should be pleasurable as well as dealing with serious topics.Cap

I’d love to hear from people who make banners and share my interest and enthusiasm for them. Please leave a comment or get in touch:

Email: frank.monaghan@open.ac.uk

Twitter: @frankmonaghan!




  1. should be in wordpress options somewhere. you should also post an email for contact. How do you feel about political messages you see at Anfield and you don’t agree with?


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